"The people of this district deserve someone who will fight for them and for their family."


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In order to return the power of self-government back to the people of Missouri we need real campaign finance reform. Lobbyists, dark money donors and political insiders currently have the ability to influence our government more than the constituents of our representatives. In order to give the power back to you, the people of Missouri, we need to ban all lobbyist gifts to the General Assembly and lower contribution limits for legislative candidates. The Clean Missouri Initiative is a step in the right direction but we can make Missouri the model for ethical standards in this nation, if we pass strict campaign finance reform and make our representatives beholden to their constituents and not at the mercy of big donor money.


Growing the middle class is essential for a thriving economy. Cutting corporate taxes will never put real money into middle class families’ pockets. Only by raising minimum wage and by giving the middle class a tax break can we ensure that Missourians have the ability to continue to drive the economic engine of our state. Giant corporations with huge CEO salaries are often the employers who pay the least to their employee’s. Missouri’s workers are worth more than the current minimum wage; let’s give them a pay raise. A home healthcare worker is not unskilled, the hotel room cleaner is not unskilled and they deserve to earn a living wage. We need to turn existing jobs into good jobs and when they earn more money they will become customers to our small businesses, which will allow them to expand and provide more workers with good paying jobs. A thriving middle class is the source of growth in our economy.


Education is the pathway for a better life and the future of Missouri deserves a high quality education. We need to make sure every budget fully funds public education and early childhood development programs. With industries changing quickly, our students need the skills necessary to compete in the economy of the future. We need to help our rural schools embrace technology programs that teach our students those necessary skills. We want our children to be successful and have greater opportunities, but this requires the necessary investment on our part.

Internet Access

Internet access in rural Missouri is a must in this economy. In order for our small businesses to compete they need reliable, high speed internet access. Many parts of our rural areas don’t have the ability to connect to high speed internet. Missouri can be on the forefront of rural internet access by offering broadband internet to our more remote areas, allowing small businesses in rural towns the ability to join the global market.


We need to fully expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and give Missourians the ability to have access to good affordable insurance. Thousands of Missourians will benefit from an expanded Medicaid system in our state, including many working families and rural Missourians struggling to make ends meet now. Providing them with affordable insurance will help them stay healthy and continue working to lift themselves and their families into a better economic situation. Helping those with mental illness and disabilities, students and children and all of our communities get desperately needed and deserved healthcare is the right thing to do. Medicaid expansion will help our hospitals by reducing the number of uninsured individuals and lowering the cost of uncompensated care. It will bring jobs to healthcare services and with an increased income that they will spend in our local economies. We should work to fully fund the MORx program that lowered the cost of prescription drugs for thousands of Missourians. This program is vital to our senior population so they don’t have to make the choice of filling their prescription, buying groceries or going without other necessities.

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Joe Register is a small business owner from Macks Creek who is running for state representative in Missouri’s 123rd district. A graduate of Macks Creek High School in 2000, Joe has worked hard to build a budding small business and wants to bring that dedication and hard work to the General Assembly for the citizens of Missouri’s 123rd district. Joe believes that small businesses and middle class families drive Missouri’s economy and will work hard to ensure a thriving middle class in Missouri. Joe has labored on his wife’s family farm and knows the effort Missouri’s farmers put in every day. He will work to make sure that the family farm has the representation in Jefferson City, and the resources available to compete in the future economy. A member of the Camdenton United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Men’s group, Joe’s faith guides him in all he does, from business dealings to interactions with family, friends and those he meets for the first time. Joe lives in Macks Creek with his wife, Dana and three children, Justin, Cole, and Lora.

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“Joe Register voted no on prop A and is a stand up guy for labor” – Ron Driskel retired sheet metal worker